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Morphir API for Typescript

The purpose of this documentation is to give a user an understanding of how to use the Morphir API created for Typescript.

This API basically enables adding morphir as a dependency in a Typescript project. This allows a user have access to morphir types and modules to build tools and/or to aid work on the morphir generated IR. A use-case of the API is the Cadl frontend, where the API provides modules in Morphir, mapping them to those in Cadl, in order to generate a Morphir IR as the Cadl emitter runs through a Cadl project.

How the Morphir API for Typescript is used.

To use the modules/Types from the morphir api, they'd need to be imported from morphir-elm, as shown below in an example:

import {toDistribution, Morphir} from "morphir-elm"

function getDistro():Morphir.IR.Distribution.Distribution {
return toDistribution(distribution.toString('utf8'))