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An introduction to Morphir

What is Morphir?

  • A unified language for business and technology
    • Business and technology speaking the same language
  • We already have methodologies
    • UML (Unified Modeling Language)
    • DDD (Domain-driven Design)
    • for humans only
  • Morphir is a technology
    • for humans and machines

What does Morphir do?

  • Turns business logic into portable data so that you can
    • Translate it - to move between technologies effortlessly as they evolve
    • Visualize it - to unhide it from your business users
    • Share it - across organziations for consistent interpretation
    • and do much more ...
      • like the Internet that simply “connects computers”
      • it enables innovation that has a profound impact on software development

Present the business problem

Solve it

Other opportunities that opened up

Tech stuff