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A multi-language system built on a data format that captures an application's domain model and business logic in a technology agnostic manner

What is it?

A set of tools for integrating technologies. Morphir is composed of a library of tools that facilitate the digitisation of business logic into multiple different languages & platforms. The Morphir framework is unique too in that facilities elements of automation and conversion that were previously unavailable in the field of finance-tech.

Why is it important?

Makes business logic portable. Business logic digitised provides distinct advantages: capacity for movement across departments and fields & the ability to be converted to new languages and applications.

How does it work?

Defines a standard format for storing and sharing business logic. A clear set of standards and format is in-place from the input/output, allowing for coherent structure.

What are the benefits?

✔️ Eliminates technical debt risk

Refactoring code libraries is often a harmful and time-sensitive issue for businesses, Morphir ensure the standards introduced from input eliminate delays at deployment.

✔️ Increases agility

Adaptability and usability are key concepts of the Morphir framework, business logic can now move with the code, be easily understood and adopted, in an ever-developing eco-system.

✔️ Ensures correctness

Certifying that specified functions behave as intended from input to output is assured through the Morphir library / tool chain.

✔️ Disseminates information through automation

Morphir's automated processing helps disseminate information which otherwise may not be understood or shared at all, a useful tool when brining elements of business logic to conversation outside of its immediate audience (i.e developers).

An ecosystem of innovative features.

Supporting the development of your business' needs in an ever-developing ecosystem based on firm standards and the integration of new languages.

Check out Stephen Goldbaum's Morphir Examples on GitHub

Morphir Resource Centre

Library of content where you can watch, browse, and read all things morphir related