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Editor Setup for Writing Business Logic

Morphir is designed to allow users to write business logic in multiple ways. That currently includes the following:



The Elm programming language is a simple functional programming language that has proven to be a great match for writing business logic. Elm has first-class language support in:

More information about Elm for Morphir can be found at the FINOS morphir-elm project.

In Progress


Support for Scala as an morphir authoring language is under construction at the FINOS morphir-scala project.

Scala supports a wide range of IDEs.


Bosque is a language from Microsoft Research. More information on Bosque can be found at the Bosque Project.


Cadl is a language for describing cloud service APIs. Morphir information can be found at the Cadl Project.


There will always be newer and better ways to write stuff. We will update this list as support for others are added.