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Generating a JSON Schema

This document explains how to generate a JSON Schema. It covers how to specify code generation parameters via commandline, configuration file and the Develop UI. Note: To generate a Json Schema, you have an existing IR.

1. CommandLine

Run the command morphir json-schema-gen You can specify any optional flags, otherwise, the default values are used.

2. Configuration File

To use a configuration file, you must have created a configuration file named JsonSchema.config.json. This file would contain parameters which would otherwise have been specified as command-line flags. An example of configuration file content is given below:

"targetVersion": "2020-12",
"filename": "",
"limitToModules": "",
"groupSchemaBy": "module",
"target": "JsonSchema",
"include": "BasicTypes,AdvancedTypes,OptionalTypes"

To create a Json Schema based on the configuration file, you would use the command below: morphir json-schema-gen -c true

3. Develop UI

The Decorator feature in Morphir allows you to specify what to include (Modules and/or Type) in the generated schema via the Develop UI. To use the Develop UI, follow the steps:

  1. start the Develop UI
  2. select a module or type
  3. click on the Custom Attributes tab
  4. set the Custom attribute option to "Yes"
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for all the types/modules you want to include
  6. Then on the command line, run the morphir json-schema-gen command with the -d flag set to true as shown below: morphir json-schema-gen -d true

Node: You can also manually specify additional command line flag as well.