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Json Schema Config Algorithm

This a basic program execution flow algorithm that runs (for json-schema backend configuration) when a code generation command is issued:

CLI Config. Options

  • input - path to the Morphir IR (morphir-ir.json)
  • output - directory part for the generated code (./dist)
  • target - target language to generate (JsonSchema)
  • target-version - Language version (2020-12)
  • copy-deps - copy the dependencies used by the generated code (false)
  • limit-to-modules - Limit the set of modules to be included ('')
  • filename - filename of the generated Json Schema ('')
  • user-config - path to the user config file
  • group-by - Group generated code by package, module or type (package)

Code Generation Algorithm

  1. Check if a configuration filepath is specified and if yes:
    1. read the content of the configuration file
    2. load the config parameters into a variable
    3. assign the program options based on the config
  2. If no config filepath is specified:
    1. Set the opts.config to null
    2. Set the values of the JsonBackend-related config
  3. Set the values of the non-JsonBackend-related config