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Scala API User Guide


This document explains what the Scala API is, how to import it and example usages.
The API exposes the internals of an IR to a developer to be able to build tools in scala. The API consist of mainly :

  1. Utility Functions - for performing actions and receiving data on the IR
  2. Codecs - for JSON serialization.

How to Import the API

The API is published as a versioned maven package with naming convention such as morphir-ir_2.13.
Importing this package would vary based on the project's build tool. For more information on how to import a maven package, checkout the project's build tool documentation.

How to Use the API ?

The API is mainly dependent on these two packages:

  1. morphir sdk - for its basic and advance types
  2. io.circe - for JSON Serialization.

Below are usage examples

  1. Reading the IR into a Distribution using Decoder.
    This example reads the content of the morphir-ir.json, parses it into JSON then decode it into a Scala distribution type.
 val iRContent: String = Source.fromFile("path-to-morphir-ir.json").mkString
val irJson: Json = parser.parse(iRContent)
Codec.decodeDistributionVersion.decodeJson(irJson.getOrElse(Json.Null)) match {
case Left(err: DecodingFailure) => ???
case Right(distribution: Distribution) => ???
  1. Traversing the IR using utility functions.
    This example obtains the package name from the distribution, gets the package specification and list all modules within.
val packageName: PackageName = lookupPackageName(distribution)
val packageSpec: Package.Specification[scala.Unit] = lookupPackageSpecification(distribution)
val allModuleList: List[Module.ModuleName] = packageSpec.modules.keys.toList
println("Modules In Package : ")
allModuleList.foreach(println(s"\t ${Path._toString(Name.toTitleCase)(".")(modName)}"))
  1. Writing a distribution to a JSON using Encoder
val newIRContent =  Codec.encodeDistribution(distribution).as[Json]


The API is a complete replica of the Elm's API. implemented in Scala. To read more on the docs of each utility function, please reference the Elm Package